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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tiring weekend.

Wanted to much to blog yesterday night, but on the advice of someone, i did not.

I needed the sleep. So much things had happen, that kept me so busy. I would really want a rest, hanging around with my friends, having a good time.

Went for NCOC camp on Sat. Went down HQ to sleep on Friday night. Before that, i was attending CN's mum wake. That's when i heard that someone had attempted suicide by swallowing lots of panadol.

That someone was okie during that time. So, with a heavy heart, i went for the camp.

I thought i could rest during the camp. Being the safety and the camp "medical" officer. Wrong. Kids nowadays are so "weak". Lots of them got flu, cough, or feeling pains somewhere in the body. And its those, and some minor incidents kept me busy.

Sunday, came our AGI. I was co-ordinate the parade music. After that, its the night hike.

Received quite a number of fallouts for the hike. Kept me quite busy also. Luckily, DT is there also, and we ran the sick bay. (DT is a lot more experience in medical and first aid than me).

Monday morning. I was woke up by a call from DT. Informed me that there's a casualty. She tripped and fell on the stairs. When DT called for help, its serious. Rushed down to the scene. Stabilised her, and called for Civil Defence Ambulance. Evacuated to KKWCH.

Just before break camp, i received a call, saying that the person who had attempted suicide before was admitted to SGH, the effects of overdose had kicked in. After breaking camp, i went home to rest first. (i had not slept well for 4 nights). Planned to wake up by evening to pay a visit, but woke up at night instead. Rushed down to SGH.

After SGH, went over to CN's mum wake, where me and aaron stay overnight there, helping out. The funeral was on the tuesday.

Tuesday morning, Went back to rest. Slept for 2 hours, and have to rush back to the wake. After the funeral, rushed to KKWCH, and after that, went down to SGH. Finally, its home sweet home.

My bed never feel so nice. Did not slept on my bed at night for 5 days liao... Shiok.

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