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Thursday, September 07, 2006


A fight is happening, its starting to brew. We had received a direct attack.

No, i am not talking about real fighting, whereby you see fists, punches, kicks, smelly legs etc....

I am talking about industry competition. A competition whereby the winning company gets the market share, while the losing company gets trailing behind.

This is getting exciting. A war of the words. We had received the challenged. We had received a direct attack, and we are planning a counter-offensive. As in the book "art of war" by Sun Tze, the best defence is to attack.

Me? my views? I trust results from third party, independent test. The "facts" in the article are based on assumptions, which i am sure that all of you know, is the mother of all fuck-ups. There's no evidence or grounds to prove that their accusations are correct. Not even a graph.

The graphs says everything...

What i can concur is that their sales is being affected badly, that's why they are launching a attack to discredit us. And this shows another thing. Consumers prefer ours to theirs.

There's no need for me to say anything. I am sure the consumers will know themselves which is better. They can feel themselves. They have the right to choose.

Hope that this will be a healthy competition. And all facts said are based on evidence, with results from a third party independent test.

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