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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


No no no.... i am not talking about the Singapore Idols.... Even though it has been the talking point for months. Till now, i still dunno who the hell is our new Singapore Idol. I only know our Singapore Icon, the merlion.

I am talking about idols, which all of us has at some point of time. Be it actors, singers, losers, or even politicans.

I am suddenly jolted to this topic, all because i went down to Bukit Panjang Plaza today. Big mistake.

The boyband group, "Energy" (some Taiwan band, i think) came to Bukit Panjang Plaza. Today, the whole plaza was filled with "Gi Nas". Gi nas who are still in school uniforms, Gi nas who looked young enough to be in Primary schools.

Its that crazy. I saw Gi Nas who came to BPP in a private hire bus. One whole frigging tour bus full of Gi Nas. Its that crazy.

Boyband "Energy".... Reminds me of a duty that Enoch and me had done (together with a few officers from zone 2). That was a few years ago. At turf City...

Cases started coming in even before the concert started. And non-stopped. First time (at that point of time) that i had been so busy...

Enoch lost his specs during that duty. Requested my help to help look for it. Went inside, and before i can start searching, someone was guiding me to another casualty that had fainted on the spot.

We were that busy. (aA total of 30 plus casualties.)

We were overwhelmed.

Enoch called for help. Reinforcements came... All the "big shots", which include Mr Tian, SQ, and other brass.

Remembered that i walked up to Mr Tian and mentioned "Thank God".

Mr Tian's response " Yah, you should thank me".

I stared at him in confusion.

Then it struck me. What i mentioned "Thank god" in chinese is "谢天" = Xie Tian.

So, what is this "Idol" supposed to mean anyway?

Yes, you got it right. I went to search from "" and came out with this few definiations.

American Heritage Dictionary - Cite This Source
i·dol (dl) Pronunciation Key n.

a. An image used as an object of worship.
b.A false god.

2. One that is adored, often blindly or excessively.

The second one is the one that is most suited for my blog. But its the third one that is the most interesting to me... And i think the third one is the best meaning of all!!!

3. Something visible but without substance.

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ahseah said...

hahax.. tat energy concert was more than 2yrs ago.. when i was in sec sch lei.. dammed dammed long.. btw i miss mr tian.. the mr nice guy.. if u see him, help me say hi to him :)