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Monday, April 30, 2007

Sign Language

How do you communicate with the hearing impaired and those without the ability to speak?

A few months back, while we were flying kite at ZX's house void deck, a guy came to us and watch us fly. Later, he attempted to communicate with us, and that's when we realise that he is one such fellow.

At first, he makes lots hand movement, which we could not understand at all. Its like a duck talking to a cow, which the duck goes "quack," and the cows replied "Mooooo???"

So, we tried to understand him. Its like a game... He is doing the actions, and we need to guess the sentence, without the time limit.

Finally, we understood. He is trying to tell us that he plays RC toys also. And our kite is beautiful, with all the LED lights on it.

It mark the start of a friendship. Every time we are at ZX's void deck, be it playing cards (UNO cards), be it talking cock, be it flying kite he would always stop to have a "chat" with us when he returns home before going back.

But one thing still remains. Barrier in communication. So much so that, yesterday night, he use his mobile to type out the message that he wants to convey to us.

But its better than the first time. This time, the duck and the cow goes something like "muack, and qoo" respectively, but sometimes, there's still difficulty in understand what he is trying to say.

Just imagine us yesterday, arms frailing away, the 4 of us... And if you are passing by, you will think there's 4 nutcases sitting at the void deck, not chatting, but arms waving away violently, and laughing suddenly at the same time.

Perhaps, its time for us to learn sign language. So far, i only know the sign language for number 1 - 10. Not to mention the internationally, universal sign lauguage, the one which everyone understood instantly, internationally, and comes together with a sound that sounds like "Nah!"

If you do not know what is the international sign laguage, don't ask. If you have to ask, then you are too young to know.

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