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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Movie, Fracture

How would you convict a person, who shot his wife, but the weapon (a gun recovered from the scene) was proven never been fired before and 4 rounds was missing, the key witness was sleeping with that person's wife?

Ah... a real triller, with a twist at the end. No frills court room case. If this happens in Singapore, that case would have driven the media frenzy, just like sharks who have scented blood.

Too bad. This happens in the movies.

Went for a show with WC, Viper, AF and CS. Title of the show is "Fracture". This fracture does not involve immobilizing the affected parts of a broken bone.

Not bad... I like the plot and the smartness of the guy (Anthony Hopkins) who shot his wife.

This movie is not action-based. To those who wanna see lots shots being fired, and only the bad guy dies, forget it. But to those who are into plots with a twist, investigation work, ahhh... this is the one.

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