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Monday, April 16, 2007

Another monday.

Monday. Another monday. Another blue monday. Another stupid blue monday. Another stupid, sleepy, tired, blanking-blankety-blanker monday.

Am aching all over, especially my hand and leg. Right hand, left leg. Become a "pai car", "pai chu" liao.

Yesterday, Sunday. Spend the Dawn and the morning sleeping at my second home. Second home is the SJAB HQ. EC came later, and we ended up eating "C" rations after i woke up, and ordering Mac delivery.

Orientation driving on that day. Pretty cock-up. No proper lesson plans, no notes. But we did our best to convey about ambulance driving to the would-be new drivers. Hell, i was not even notified to go down. I knew about the course, and i called up SQ and volunteered my time.

Together with DC, TS, SQ and HH, we convey the finer points of driving the ambulance, siern and the beacon lamp systems to them, the proper way of using the siern system.

And we took them for a orientation drive.

I felt like a driving instructor, sitting in the VC seat. They are driving licence holders, and they know their stuff. So, in a way, its miller time for me. I just sit there, telling them about the lenght of the vehicle, give more allowance when turning, turning radius and turning speed.

And i demostrate about parking the 313 model vehicles in the garage. The parking used to be the most headache for me, coz it is so cramped. The allowance you need to park is less then 30cm combined at the front and back of the ambulance.

It is that tight.

After the orientation, went back to RU office to Nua. Surfing net, senting E mails, doing duty plannings, till its evening, and i went back.

A day at HQ. Its been some time since i did that. And looking at the duty forecast, it will not be a long wait till i do that again. My second home.

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