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Monday, April 16, 2007

Inspirations for poems, rap, whatever you call it

Was not myself today. Time passes super duper slow, and i am real sian (bored).

Was chatting online with SL again, and i was mentioning to her that i was pretty sian, and was not myself today. In a way, i was moodless. The conversation went something like this...

Me: last time, you like that (moody), and i was not... now, i am like that and you are not(moody). what happens when both of us become like that?

SL: haha!! the whole world crashes??

Good one!!! managed to get me laughing... Hahaha... the whole world crashes. Not that serious bah!!

Then an inspiration hit me (ouch!!!). And i came up with this poem... or rap... whatever you call it...

It's ain't tough
to make ppl laugh
when you talk trash
like the world crash


Was chatting with AP also. She's having the first day of school at poly.

She was complaining to me that she has forgotten her SP password. and when she finally remembered it, she was saying some thing like this...

AP: I so happy, never see properly.

Another inspiration hit me (Ouch!!!! Pain leh!!!). So, i replied back...

I so happy,
Never see properly
It's stated d,
but i see b.

The end.

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