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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Sick of it all" Live in concert!!!

A friend enlist my help in helping to advertise a upcoming concert, by the band, "SICK OF IT ALL"

Alright.... Don't get excited and start jumping in warming up to the music.

Band shot. Too bad, i cannot download better quality pictures of them.

If you have never heard of this band, its a nice chance to go to their website to take a look.

Details as below:

Type of Music: Hardcore Rock. (What do you expect from a Hardcore Rock Band?)
Date / Time: 25th May 2007 / 1700hours
Venue: Far East Square Pavilion, 28 China Street
Ticket prices: S$60 (at the door), S$50 (presale)

However if you are a bit tight in your wallet, i have just the lobang for you. S$40. Just contact this person, Alvin Ang. E mail: Mobile: 81339481

Enjoy the hardcore rock concert!!! The one that gets you jumping!!

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