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Friday, April 20, 2007

News on dieting

Hmmm... some interesting news for all. Especially for the females.

Its something to do with dieting. But to those who are really really slim, do not further go on a diet. Its ain't healthy.

"Glycemic load" of diet has no effect on weight loss

Its the calories, not the type pf carbohydrate that is necessary in weight loss. So, those on a diet, watch the calorie, not carbohydrates! Read the article! I am too tired now to write about any summary of the article. (More like lazy).


And once again, i am spending the night at my second home. Got a duty later.

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confusedlilgal said...

HAHAHAHAH! seems like tis post fits someone called SOPHIA LOW! haaha dieting when she is slim enuf haha!! tell her to reeeead tis! haha