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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Man who crashed car in test drive charged

Man who crashed car in test drive charged,
Tuesday April 24, 12:17 PM, Channel Newsasia

I recalled a storm raising about that guy, who crashes a Mazda MX-5 convertible, during a test drive, killing a 22 year-old lady.

Status of the car after the accident. It's smashed beyond repair, and has to be scrapped before its even sold!!!!

If i am not wrong, (please correct me if i am wrong), from the papers (Straits Times, forum section, if i am not wrong), that same guy wrote in his blog about thinking to purchase another sports car, after that incident, and he's still under investigation about the accident which involves a life.

Other bloggers shoot back, saying he shouldn't be looking at other sports car. Instead he should live in regret, being responsible of a young lady's life lost.

And yesterday, he's being charged, and if found guilty, he will faces a maximum 5 year jail term. He's out on $10,000 bail. And he's also facing civil suits beside the criminal suit, from the other parties that is involved in the accident.

If he's remorseful about the accident, (living in guilt is never easy, you have to live with it your whole life), i got nothing to say. The living with guilt is enough sentence to him. But, less then 2 years after the accident, he's thinking about buying another sports car, and wrote in his blog, he does not deserve to be forgiven.

Has he not learn his lesson? Such a big "fall" and he still does not feel remorseful and repent... And in this way, he deserves the maximum punishment.

I shall follow this case closely.

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