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Thursday, April 26, 2007


It's the end of April. It should be spring, going to summer soon by now, ain't it?

But the weather is miserable. It has been raining practically everyday, with thunderstorms, bright dazzles of lighting that most motorist thought they were being photographed for speeding, and beating the red light.

For the past few days, its scorching hot in the morning and afternoon till you can get a tan by just driving, and in the late afternoon / evening, it start to pour. Timing is always very "zhun" (accurate). It will rain during the evening peak hour.

Yesterday was no different. It rained at about 1530 hours, and there, the difference comes in.

The rain was what the chinese called "chang ming yu" (Long life rain). It rained and stopped from yesterday evening till this morning. And because of the weather, i was struck in a miserable jam, and was awfully late for work.

Everyone is miserable at the hot scorching sun, and the wet weather that follows, and the side-effects of raining. Long traffic jams, packed bus, and there are friends around me who are falling sick mainly coz of the weather.

And in Thailand, the weather is different. They have hot scorching weather, to a point the ammunition in a army depot exploded. (Wow!!! interesting!!)

Somehow, one can see that the climate is changing, to more extreme. When its bright and sunny, you can feel your skin being baked if you stand under the sun for a moment too long, and when it rains continuously, it can be so cold that one will not be surprise if it actually starts snowing!!

We like to go to the extreme, do extreme sports, extreme fashion, and now, it seems the weather is also going into the extreme. Beware!!!

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