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Friday, April 13, 2007

Duties season

Duties, duties and more duties.

Nah. I am not complaining. It just that duties, like rain, does have seasons. But unlike rain, it does have several seasons in a year, and each seasons can stretch all the way up to 5 months, and its definitely have up to 3 - 5 seasons per year, depending on the organisers.

Confused? Well, let me explain.

1st peak duty season is the beginning of the year, which involves the Chinese New Year Period, the light-up, the Countdown and the Yuan Xiao.

And that season will stretch over to March / April, whereby the Tertiary Institution (NUS and Temasek Poly in particular) will start organising all the various sporting event, from Rock Climbing, to Tri / Bi-athlon, to Bordering to Dragonboating.

In April / May, we usually have a brief respite, despite one or 2 sneakers (who managed to sneak past the peak season) and 2 major duties annually (New Paper Big Walk in May) and the NS Home Team Real Run.

Thank god there's no New Paper Big Walk this year (2007).

2nd Peak duty season will start from June and will last till Augest. Major events for this season is the National Day Parade (NDP) medical cover over National Education (NE) Shows, NDP Family day, NDP preview and the NDP actual day.

And in June, usually, during the school holidays period, its where the organisers of activities will be the most busy. In fact for this year, all my weekends in june are booked for duties. (NUS Silat Competition and TP Rockamania). There's even a tarkwando tourament coming our way.

After NDP, we will all take a breather. No question. NDP drains you. Especially the co-ordinator, which usually is held by JH.

3rd Peak duty season will be the end of the year. There will be a super major duty, the most siong, (terrible, horrible and vegetable) duties of all time. The marathon. It will drain all the drivers and the ambulance crews, as well as the hospital staff.

After the super tiring marathon duty, next is all the festive holidays coming in. Countdowns for Christmas (recent years does not have anymore), New year countdown. That period is the most relaxed for us, as we were, afterall in the festive holiday mood also.

And then, its back to the 1st peak duty season, and so on, so forth etc....

Duty?? Chiong ahhhH!!!!

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