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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another lame chinese poem

Hmmm.. just realised that my office computer (new one) does not have any input for chinese characters...

I was driving WC and Lam back yesterday, when i came to a t junction. The light just flash green in my direction, and so, i signal left and turn left.

At the same time, a taxi U-turn and cut into my lane. That taxi had beat the red light. (Too bad, there's no red light cameras). I high beamed him.

And at the same time, i was cursing at that taxi driver for beating the red light and cut into my lane... Then it click!

So, i began chanting.

Zai ban ye san geng
Taxi chuan hong deng
Lai zhuo ge U turn
Bi wo kai da deng

In the middle of the night
Taxi beat red light
to make a U turn
Force me to flash high beam