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Sunday, April 15, 2007


My arms are tired. Started aching. Needs to raise up my right wrist with difficulty.

Ouch!!! Typing is also a difficult for me...

What had happened?

Its a combination of a few factors. Borrowed rackets from a couple of strangers and play badminton with Viper. Had not been play badminton fir a long time liao.Supposed to be a friendly match, but i smack when the time is perfect. Never warm up, stretching and cooling down also plays an important part in contributing to the ache.

Serves me right. I should have known better.

All those lessons, talks during RT did not really migrate and become a PR of a lesson of my stupid mind.

Warm-ups, cooling down and progressive training is always preached (but not necessary practised) during my NS days. But then, that badminton session is not a competition, its just a normal "workout" game for me. And my right hand is starting to ache.

Have i progressed too low in my muscle workout and stamina?

In my case, its the usual excuse of not free and too lazy. I don't like running and jogging for a fact. Jio me out for a jogging session, i would prob look away, hestitating, or even give you a straight no for an answer.

That explains my size.

But i dun really consider myself a failure in working out. Foremost, i chiong. Duties. Or you can try asking me out for a swim... I love swimming. Throw me into the pool, ask me to relax in the water, and i will feel uneasy. I need to swim, and resting when i need it.

Jio me out to shoot basketball into the net. I will prob agree. I don't play matches, even if its a friendly game. Badminton wise, i will prob agree too. Anything that does not involve much running or jogging, i don't mind. And, no golf please. I would prob end up throwing your club into the water obstacle when i take a swing, or i will shout "fore" multiple times, till, it's better to pre-record it and play it over the PA system everytime i take a swing.

The only sports i had taken part in as a competitor is swimming, bowling and shooting (air-pistol and revolver). That's all. Nothing else. See the similar side of it? All does not involve running or jogging.

Sports, especially competitions are nice. When i am a watching it. And the most popular sports in Singapore? Soccer, i presume. You can see youngster playing soccer everywhere. Soccer fields, Street soccer court, basketball court, Badminton court, void decks and even multi storey carparks!!!

And everytime when the FIFA world cups comes, the lights in most household are on, the noise pollution is terrible when someone scores, the amount of betting dollars goes way up off the scale and the doctors got better business. As someone had mentioned that the FIFA world cup is something like this...

"Its 20 idiots running after a ball, 2 idiots catching the ball, 3 idiots running around, but cannot touch the ball, and billions of ppl over the world watching 20 idiots running after a ball, 2 idiots catching the ball and 3 idiots running around, but cannot touch the ball."

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