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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

A Tribute to SK.

A friend of mine recently passed away. He is Tan Swee Kiang.

I got to know him through SJAB, thought i never did work with him on SJ projects before. And to be frank, it is not easy working with SK on SJ projects.

My first impression on him is that he is a prefectionist. From what i heard of him, he demands that work is to be done, to his satisfaction, and if you think you cannot do it, he will push you to do it, and you will realised that there you can go something more then a 100% effort.

He does not spoon-feed you. He gives you a job and leaves you alone. If you encountered a problem, he will not solve it for you, instead, he will offer you advice and let you solve the problem yourself.

He is also a helpful guy. There's one i mentioned to him about my finanical woes, and he recommand me a part-job as a First Aid Lecturer, and giving me infomation about where to teach at night etc... I never took up the First Aid Lecturer post, as i feel that i do not yet qualify to become one.

He does listen to your problems, and he will help in whatever way he can. He's a mentor to me, in terms of First Aid knowledge.

Indeed, he has made a big impact on lots of others. So much so that a close friend of his had setup a blog as a tribute for him. Tribute to Tan Swee Kiang .

May you rest in peace, SK. We will never forget you.

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