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Friday, April 27, 2007

Activity postponed

Kinda disappointing today...

Took leave from work, had a good night's sleep, woke up, spend the morning watching cartoons on Kid's central. Misses the cartoons... Well, there's a kid in everyone of us right?

Went to HQ early. Had a long long chat with ST, to trash out all the things between me and him. Kinda work out a system between him and zone 3. Got some e mails to sent to the teachers to finalise the duty hours.

Went to TP for a duty with Rafi, Venod. AP was due to join us later. It started to rain on our way there.

Alas! Due to the heavy downpour, the event was postponed to next friday. Need to take leave again. Heng (luckily), i stop production for next week, due to the coming Labour day (1st May). Its also a good chance for us (me and my colleagues) to take a breather from the hectic work schedules.

So, feeling kinda disappointed and sian. Its still raining, and i am still in my second home, (SJ HQ), and i have no plans to go back yet. Going back got also nothing to do, except jioing Vincent out to fly kite. AF went overseas, and Viper is still sick. Have not called ZX yet, but chances are, he might not be free to fly. My batteries are still with ZX, charging.

Worried about my battery. Yesterday night, went to riverside point to fly. Overdischarged one of my new battery. Hope nothing goes wrong. Batteries are not cheap. I already had one new battery damaged after some crashes.

Only thing that can make my mood worse if the electricity trips while i am in HQ while i am taking a nap (in HQ) later.

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