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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Music, Songs

What will you do when you are feeling down, got lots of things on your mind, want to forget the stuffs that's bothering you, and you badly need a distraction? Or when you need to think things out?

Do you just cry it out? Munch away? Workout till totally exhausted? Go for a vacation? Or will you drink till drunk, party? Gets violent and start looking for trouble?

For me, the best way is to listen to some music, songs, relax in a lone, relaxing environment.

I have been feeling quite down these few days. Could not sleep the whole night, (that's why i am still blogging at 4.30am in the morning, at my second home, NHQ.)

Got some stuffs to think about, to sort them out, needs a distraction.

I switched on the TV. Nothing interesting. Not to say the TV programs sucks, (there's a nice movie showing), but i just does not have the mood to watch it, laugh when its funny... In fact, there's a character in the show that pisses me off.

I turn on the radio. Tuned to FM 97.2...

They are playing retro songs. Songs which i had listen in the 80s and 90s. And it was during that that period (80s and 90s) which i was like the teenagers nowadays, listening to the hip hop songs. Songs that i can recognize the singer and the title. (I admit that i am getting old liao. My radio is always tuned to Love 972, Class 95.)

It reminds me of the old days, when the music accompany my studies, my traveling time on buses, my sleeping time and even my part time jobs that i took up. Basically, i am listening to the radio the whole day, frequently to the extend that i can memorize the lyrics by just listening to it long enough. Believe me, i did not attempt to memorize at all!

Listening to the music, i felt a total sense of relaxation coming over me. I just relax. Singing along to the music also helps. I started to think back to the past. I recalled how my parents smashed my radio when i was studying for my Os, just because they cannot believe the fact that i can study better with songs.

My eyes fell on my police peak cap and some old photos displaying on my desk. I started to recall my NPCC days. Days as a cadet in secondary school. The good times and the bad times. How we trained for the campcraft competition, and got into the finals, a record in the history of that school unit. How we trained for the footdrill competition, and beat the rest of the UGs and emerge champions.

I think back on my CI (Cadet Inspector) course, (i was from the Dec 94 batch), my days at CCKSS, and Fajar sec as an instructor. The other instructors (BW, JL, ZX, Nazir, JW, CM, CX, GW, and Ms Phang, Mr Lim, Mr Solehan, and Ms Esther (Teachers in charge of FSS NPCC unit.)

I think back a lot of things. I could not sleep at all.

The troubled stuffs disappeared.

So, next time, when you are down, you think no one cares about you, you got lots of things on your mind, want to forget the stuffs that's bothering you, and you badly need a distraction? Or when you need to think things out? And you don't have a effective way to relax and chill down?

Try listening to some songs that you like. If it does not works for you, then you have to find a better way to forget your troubles.

Let me continue the story. I realize that the trill of music and rain and doing some ridiculous actions really soothes me.

I was thinking about NPCC days, when the thunder struck. "Kaboom!!!"

Bathed and scuttled out of the house before it pours. Drove in the heavy rain. Wanting to go for a rounding, i passed by HQ and turned into nicole highway. At the bridge, there's a build up of water puddles (continuous puddles) on the extreme left side of the road. I drove over those puddles, causing the water to be sprayed onto the pavement.

At a traffic light leading to geylang, there's a puddle of water there also, and i sped over it, causing water to be sprayed over the unfortunate car next to mine. Basically, we are spraying water on each other. That was fun.

And i go back to nicole highway again, and dove over those puddles again, at a higher speed, till my left rear tyre started to skid, twice, and my brakes got wet. Drove slowly after that to dry my brakes.

I admit, that's a bit dangerous. But then, as i was driving back to HQ (Enough liao), i was telling myself aloud...

"Man, that was fun!!!"

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