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Monday, October 09, 2006

Stupid things (part II)

Okie... i mentioned some stupid things i had done eariler (02 Oct post), which i had promised to tell you all about it.

Here goes.

On that fateful night, i was walking home from the carpark after meeting my supper gang kakis, when i almost strumble over something. That floor area was quite dark, being shoud in the shadows.

I took a closer look. That "thing" moved. I bend down for a closer look, and to my surprised, its a bird. A mynah. It appears to be injured, unable to fly. I picked it up. It struggled a bit, and then it stay still, resting comfortably in my hands.

Gave that mynah an closer inspection. The feathers were wet, ruffled. Then i saw a cat glaring at me, or rather, at the bird in my hand. That's when i made a decision to bring the bird back home.

Once at home, i placed the bird in a shoe box, wrapped it around with a rag to keep it warmed. Then i fed it with some biscuits soaked water, and then i allowed the mynah to rest for the night.

Then it hit me.

Damm... H5N1 virus!!!

I had forgotten about the looming threat. Quickly wash my hands. Still not feeling at ease. Went to the goverment birdflu website to search for information on it. Singapore is still bird flu free, but still, i got concerns that i might be so suay that the mynah is infected with the deadly virus.

Instantly got the thought to release the bird immediately downstairs, but the image of the hunger stare of the wild cat flashes in my head.

"Arghhh... forget it... i shall release the bird tomorrow morning when i go to work."

So, it's bed time.

Next morning, took a look at that mynah. It seems healthy. The feathers had dried, and then i realised that the bird was a bit small sized.

Took the whole shoe box downstairs, and at the carpark, took a good look around for any hungry stalking cats before i open the box.

The mynah took a dazed looked before half-jump and half-fly out. That's when i realised that the bird might be in the process of learning how to fly, but does not have the strenght to do it.

So, till now, i am still unsure if that bird got the virus or not, but 8 days had passed, a incubation period of the bird flu, and apprently, i am still alive and kicking, and still healthy.

So, i may not have the chance to be a patient at TTSH / CDC after all!!


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