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Tuesday, October 10, 2006


All humans have a great flaw. Especially to the few idiots out there which i am sure you all can name with ease.


The desire to process something which you are not in procession of. The desire to get more things when you had enough of it, and the desire to get things at a less price to pay for.

Let me focus on the third point of the paragraph above.

Let's say, you desire to have an item that is very good. But as you know, good things ain't come cheap. But if you happen to know the manufacturer of that item, what would you do?

Of course. you will ask that manufacturer (in a polite and nice) tone, if are they selling at a cheaper price, if your face is thick enough.

How how much cheaper? i guess that you would be very happy if you manage to get a 10% discount. You would be over the moon if you manage a 15% or even 20%.

Some people will not even open their mouth to ask if there's any discounts, if the manufacturer is keeping quiet about it.

One thing that i know is that selling goods at a discounts are a very sensitive matter. It is as sensitive as money itself. Especially if you are just a goddamm employee of the company. Even if you are the boss, how would you determine who gets the discounts, and how much is the discounts? Is there any guide?

One major factor to consider is that, if you start selling at a discount to your friends, they will expect the same or better discounts when they re-purchase from you again. If if the cost of productions went up? How would you tell your friends there you are going to reduce the percentage of discounts?

Bringing all those into considerations, i had come up with some guide, and all along, i had operated on this guidelines, till some asshole (all the assholes i mentioned in this post is not the write himself. That asshole is more asshole than the writer) forced me to change.

Yep. Some assholes had provoked me into writing this post. That asshole whom i am not even close to. All i know was his name, and hell, i ain't revealing his name in here. That asshole is just an plain old stubborn stupid asshole anyway.

Its that asshole that want us to sell at a third of the price. A discount of over 60%!!!

Is it because of his desire to get something at a lesser price? At our goddamm expense? So, in the end, our profits got less, and that asshole will mention about our working efficiency and our performance?

So, no matter what way i turn, i will get shot. Guess i have to live with that, but i ain't going to sit there to let you bully the company. I am bidding my time. My chance will come. You just wait.

As what "terminator" says, "I'll be back" only at that time, i will come back with more teeth, and it will your turn with no where to run.

Laws of business.

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