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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Reviews on Singapore

I had realised one thing.

Singapore is really a fantestic place to live as a country.

And i don't understanding why Singaporeans are complaining so much. Every little thing can have numerous complains, Its like.... making mountains out of molehills are singaporean's specific task.

Went to Malaysia today. On a business trip.

On the way back, got struck in a jam before the custom. A terrible jam. A jam that last for over an hour. Imagine if this is happening in Singapore, guess what the Singaporeans will do?

They will lash out, protest, non-stop letters to the newspapers, against the goverment for doing nothing to retify the problem.

Along the streets, i saw numerous beggers standing in the middle of the road, begging for alms... Do you see the same situation in Singapore? Our contract manufacturers (one was from indonesia) told us about the horrific corruption of the country, whereby the street was controlled by the gangs rather than the police.

Imagine you have to pay money to do a U turn to the mafia. Imagine stopping your car and throngs of beggers come running up to your window. Imagine you have to pay protection fees to the police and to the mafia. Imagine the troops raiding your shop. Imagine your daughter or loved one getting raped and murdered. Imagine you have to pay a fee to the fire department before they come and put out a fire in your property. Imagine you ask the police "what's wrong" and you have a 9mm automatic pistol pointed to your head.

Imagine all those things. There are more than what i can type.

Now imagine Singapore being like that. Controlled by the triads or the street gangs, and the police being the biggest mafia of all. Imagine the goverment has no control over all these things.

No. That is not Singapore.

Singapore, though as crime rates, including some violent ones, is relatively safe. Ladies are able to walk alone in the streets at night without any fear. You can be rest assured of help coming your way when you need help. This is Singapore.

Singapore is just too "safe" and too systematic, and minimial corruption. And that's a good thing.

And yet we, Singaporeans are complaining about Singapore. We are taking this country for granted. We are taking the goverment for granted, even though they are sometimes unreasonable, but think of it, they are not as unreasonable as some other goverments in the world.

Everyone makes mistakes, don't they?

Best summed up.

I had always want to go into forensic sciences as my career, just like the series CSI. Nope, i was not influenced by the show. I had long wanted to go into forensic before any CSI came up.

Spoke to my lecturer about my ambitions, and his response was....

"Not a good idea."

"Why?" i query.

"How many times do you encounter a murder case in Singapore?" he replied.

How true his words were!!!

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