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Monday, October 09, 2006

Kite flying (Part 2)

Its going to be a brand new trend.

I am talking about kite flying. Using a remote control. And that kite flying is exclusively at night. Coz of the LED lights that are lit up when flying.

This is what a kite looks like. This is a normal kite. Powered by a motor. One distinguished advantage over remote control aircraft is that it can be crashed, the most the carbon rod cracked, or even the propeller damaged and its a lot more cheaper to replace just the rod rather than the whole aircraft crash.

Kite looks a lot nicer flying at night. Especially if it is flown with several kites. You can even do stunts, but that needs practice. Lots of practice.

Went to watch Ace, Anthony and Joshua flying kite for the past 3 nights. Ace and Anthony are pros, while Joshua was a freshmen in kite flying.

A kite flying. Does it looks bright at night?

Kite turning at high speed. Does it look nice?

Hovering. That needs skills and a bit of wind.

Interesting and a bit of Expensive (start-up) hobby.

During flying, Joshua kite ended up in a tree. The props was entangle with the leaves and it was struck well above our heads. We used Joshua's shoes to throw at the kite, hoping to dislodge it, but it failed. One of his shoe got struck up there also.

I am sure that we looked comical (to the passer-bys) that a few of us was throwing shoes at a tree. I am pretty sure that some drivers who had pass us are asking what the hell are we doing to themselves.

HJ had to go back to his house to get some bamboo poles. But upon his return, he himself managed to dislodge joshua's kite and his shoe with his other shoe. That was the joke of that night. Man, we had a good laugh!

If i start kite flying, i guess, i will not be flying around those areas with trees!! i dun want that particular tree to become a lit up christmas tree!

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