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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Kite flying

Has not been blogging lately.

Couple of reasons:
1) No time to blog.
2) Nothing to blog.

Been quite busy with my job, duties, and watching ppl kite flying.

Yes, Kite flying. No strings attached. Flying kites without strings. Using remote control and a motor driven kite.

Quite a expensive hobby, but it comes with great exhilration and a great sense of freedom to watch a kite fly, and a great joke to watch it crash.

Interested personnal can wait for this website to come out. In the process of setting up.

There are different shapes, pro III, Diamond, scorpion, and mini. LEDs on the kite make it look a lot nicer at night... Doing lots stunts, like drop spin, roll, barrel roll, figure of 8. Certainly looks very nice.

Me?? i have yet to start flying. As mentioned, its an expensive hobby.

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