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Monday, October 09, 2006

The Haze

For the past few days, Singapore and other countries in the region has been hit by haze.

The whole singapore was enveloped in a haze which was so thick that the visibility was down to 2-3 kilometers. It was so thick that even sunlight could not pentrate much.

All the haze was caused by farmers in Indonesia, doing land clearing using the most easy and efficient method, Burning.

Well, i do agree that burning is the most effective way, in a way, it clears land and creates fertiliser, but that is not the solution. Indonesia authories also have difficuties in enforcing the law against clearing land by burning.

Nevertheless, the whole region is being choked. Ppl are getting sick, air travel is being disrupted, lesser tourist comes to our region, all because some senseless, selfish ppl are creating all the haze. The losses far outweighted the gains. No point.

Well, there's nothing that can be done. We just have to wait for the indonesia goverment to act, which is by when, no one can tell.

At least, there's some business that is brooming.

Shops selling air-purifiers, air cons, medical lines had in increase in business.

The haze also benefits some other ppl... like this...

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