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Friday, October 20, 2006


Read some news on a website, that some tais tais overseas are earning up to US$2,000 monthly from their blogs. Even Kenny Sia, is earning money from his blog.

I have yet to see my very first cent earned from this blog.

Okie, okie, you may say i am ( d[$_$]p ) (money faced), but its at this time of the year that i really welcomes some extra cash.

My van's insurance and Road tax are coming. And its not very cheap either, (though it is a lot more cheaper than driving a car).

Vehicle inspection notice just came in.

Also, i am gotten into kite flying. Am saving up for my first RC kite too.

Not to forget, am planning to purchase a new radio set.

Finally, need to replace the radio in my van. Am been driving in silence, and you all know, i cannot live without music and that silence can kill.


Seems like i had gotten myself into a lot of heavily finanical dependent ventures and projects. And my pay ain't that high, as contary to what some ppl think, to support all those.

Let me see..... hmmmm....

Well, perhaps i should start praying to the god of wealth and start buying 4D, TOTO and Big Sweep.

Perhaps, i should pay more attention to the licence plates of accident vehicles rather than the casualty. Imagine this:"errr, excuse me, Mr Casualty, I need to take down the number plate of your vehicle first before i can render any first aid to you".

Perhaps, i set up a company, and issue an invoice to all casualties which i had treated, for services provided, with / without the patient's consent.

Perhaps, i can install a taxi meter in my van, and i become a part time cargo deliveryman or even a taxi, charges accordingly to the meter.

Perhaps, i can go JB in tattered clothings and beg.

Perhaps, i go cut grass in Lim Chu Kang, dried them, chop them up and sell as tobacco. (Sounds familiar to ZX, Joshua, AF and Ant.F?

Perhaps i will sleep more and try to dream of 4 numbers.

Or perhaps, i should stop day dreaming and continue to work hard and scrimp and save in whatever way i can?

Hmmmm... Which method is better?

Seems like the last option... hmmm...

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