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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Drug Allergies

A question again to you. If a doctor never ask you if you are allergy to any medication, and he gave you an jab, and so it happens that jab contains something that you are allergic to, and you develops swelling, what would you do?

That's what happen to William yesterday night.

He went to a certain hospital for some pains, and the doctor gave him a jab, without asking if he has any allergies, and at night, william developed some swelling around the eyes.

He happened to know that the the doctor has prescrible some medication that he is allergy to.

I drove him back to that hospital with ZX, where william undergo some medication, 3 led ECG hookup, SPO2 hook-up and placed under observation.

In the end, he has to pay $112 for all those, after his company has subsidised $50.

Stupid ain't it?

As what William has said, if the doctors everytime give medications without asking for allergies, and the patient develops allergies to it, and come back for a few hours observation, and pay $100 plus, that hospital will be freaking rich.

If its really the doctor's fault, and we report to SMC, that doctor could lose his practising license, and the reputation of that hospital will be affected. And everyone around him, even his company is asking him to persue the matter.

God bless that doctor and that hospital.

On the way home from the carpark, saw some punks lighting up lots candles in the badminton court downstairs below my block.

But once i go up my block, all i can see are these...

So, that's the reason for lighting up the candles. Hmmm... i wonder whose that message intended for?

Pretty neat too, i would say, especially the heart shape.

Hope that whoever that msg is intended for, that fellow can get the msg.

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