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Saturday, October 21, 2006


I almost went to police lock-up.

Well, almost...

Went to meet Jos, Ant after work. Supposed to meet EC, but i will be late, and on top that EC is not feeling well also, scraped the idea.

Went to riverside point, and end up at JB's newly opened pub around 11am.

Well, just drank a little bit. (1 small bottle of beer) and off we went back to Tiong Bahru to fly kite.

3 plus, and after some crashes (kite), off we went back home.

That's when i encountered a TP roadblock at Steven's Road. Hmmm. First time a roadblock that requires all cars drivers to blow towards a breathalyser test machine.

I was thinking, i just drank leh... just a small bottle, will i kena?

2 cars before me, the driver failed his breathalyser test. He was directed into a stopping the vehicles, where he was "pounced" upon by the men in blue, just like vultures pouncing on a dead body.

The car before me passed the breathalyser test. And the TP waved her on the way.

Next is me. I remember that i was only i tiny weeny bit worried, but i ain nervous. Coz i know most prob i will pass the breathalyser test, given the amount that i dranks about quite sometime ago.

Worried is that this is the first time, and i dun know how sensitive that equipment is.

Its not the old breathalyser test maching. In the old one, you must blow hard into a straw. In the new one, there's ain't a straw, and how it detected, i ain't not sure.

i drove slowly towards the TP. He was not looking at me, but he arms keep waving, i slowed almost to a stop, and his arms keep waving. Then i speed up, passed him and hey persto, we are on our way home instead of going to the police lock-up!!!

The TP did not ask me to stop. He asked me to proceed on, without checking!

Well, the only reason that i can think of such "funny" things is that i am driving a van, not a car. And from what i had observed, all cars kena the breathalyser test, but not those driving a van, or cargo vehicle, hence, i was not stopped.

Some drivers are dumb and smart enough.

Way before the roadblock, at the traffic light, a lorry made a illeagal U turn FROM A NON-RIGHT TURN LANE!!

One look and i can guess that there things ain't right with the driver. Either he's been drinking or he's carrying some illeagal stuff.

Last minute activation. I have been recalled to perform duties. Last minute again.


So, i shall stop here.

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ahseah said...

u r very lucky ya~. . .