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Monday, October 23, 2006


We had a blackout in office today.

Went to office this morning, on a Monday (not again!!! groan...) and as per normal, unlock the door, stepped into the office and switched on the lights...

Pause. Pause. Pause.........

The interior remain shoud in darkness...

"(Blink Blink...) What the hell happened?" i though aloud.

The machinery is still on. The modem is still on. Could not be a power cut... I switch off and on again... Pause... its still dark.

I can almost imagine Darth Vader lurking around in office, welcoming me into the darkness, with his ever famous words "Welcome the the dark side."

Being the good boy i am, i refused to go over into the dark side.

I closed the door, locked it, to prevent Darth Vader from escaping, went back up to my van to retrive my weapon, a light saber, which to the layman, its call a "torch". A powerful torch, powered by 4 AA batteries, which i can even use it underwater.

I dug out my mobile and called for reinforcements of the "Jedi Knights", the techicans from the building management. Premas United Limited.

Now well-armed, i make my way back to the dark side.

"Fire!!!" and a bright light pierced the darkness, as i opened up DBs, in search of the "Darth Vader," the cause of the darkness. there are 3 DBs in our plant, the 3 possible places where Mr Vader may be hiding.

The first 2 places (more easily accessible) showed no Mr Vader. That left with the last possible place. But i was too short to reach that DB. Fetch a ladder, and placed in position.

I climbed up with tepidation. My light saber at the ready. I look around... all around me is clear. My reinforcements had not arrived. I have to face Mr Vader alone.

Opened the DB door, and i found Mr Vader, in a corner, straight in my light. I had found the cause of the black-out. A switch (3 phase wires) had tripped.

Using my fingers, i flicked Mr Darth Vader out. The cruse had broken! The whole place was brimming with light! I had succeed! Mr Vader had been crushed!

That's when my reinforcements arrived... As per normal in the movies...

(this portion of the blog has been censored due to the prob of little jedi knights and little Darth Vaders below the age limits reading this post. Use your imagination instead.)

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