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Monday, October 16, 2006


Let me ask you a question.

Imagine a situation where by you are helping out as a volunteer at a dinner event, and one of your relative with a medical condition, past spinal injury and has much difficulty in walking is also there, which one come first? Which is your piority?

Take a minute to ponder over the paragraph above.

Yes. You may have guessed that this is what i had encountered. JH, EC, EG and me went for a duty (a dinner celebrations) today, with uncle Tiu. DC and Eric Chong was there as well.

Nothing much happened till the dispersal time after the dinner.

You know, Singaporeans. Once dispersal time, all will make a beeline rush to the exits. That's where JH commented that we need to go outside to monitor the situation.

On my way out, i noticed that there's a middle - elderly aged man, walking veryyyyyy veryyyyy slowly. His walking was a bit unstable. I stopped in my tracks. Watched him walking for a while before deciding to approach him to ask if he was well.

He replied that he had an old spinal injury, went for an operation before, his legs were of different height and was twisted at an odd angle. That's why he has to strumble along when he was walking.

Saw him almost strumble backwards, and that's when i decided him to escort him to wherever he is going.

Asked him if he's along or with family.

He had came with his family, but he does not know where the hell they are. Later, he revealed that his family member(s) is/are helping out with this event, and might be busy at the moment.

That got me thinking, as i was driving back home.

Where the hell are his family members, when he needed them? Is that event that important that they can leave him along to walk all the way out to the carpark, where the car is being parked? Which one is of higher piority? The helping out or the family member?

If i am that "family member", in that case, my family member come first. There are numerous volunteers over at that event, and there's no one to care for my family member.

Anyway, realised that he was very independent. He keeps assuring us that he is okie and can walk to the car alone. But i ain't assured that he is able to do it. There's a couple of time he almost fell, and we had to help him climb up or down the kerb. We even have to do some traffic control in the carpark so that he can cross over safety.

In the end, he keeps thanking us non-stop, and all i can tell him is " We are from ST JOHN AMBULANCE, and its our duty."

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