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Monday, October 30, 2006

Number 3, firearms and a kid

Okie, finally, here i am again...

Went to company dinner and dance on friday night. And guess what is the table number which i was assigned??

Hmmm.... seems i got a fate with the number 3...

The dinner and dance ended quite late. Was super tired when i reached home. Did some stuffs for a while and went to sleep.

Come Sat. Went to Home team acadaemy at Chao Chu Kang. For the purpose of this.

Cool? 3 officers from zone 3 holding 3 Taurus revolvers aiming at 3 different targets. (Is there one in the first place??) Get the picture? 3 again...

First time i had a close-up view, handled and fired the Taurus .38 Revolver, without the laser. On the whole, this is a better firearm than the old S&W .38 revolver that the police used in the past.

Afternoon, went to Mayflower sec for NCO course lesson. Had a great time with my lectures. And soon, its time to dismiss, and i was so tired that i went straight home and sleep straight. First time in quite sometime that i slept for so long.

Come sunday. Back to Mayflower sec. Had a great time too with lessons, and playing the piano at the auditorium. After NCO course, went to Rafi house for dinner on his invitation. Yah, it's Callem's Tham wedding today too, and i did not receive the invitation that he had sent out. Sorry about that.

Anyway, i wish Mr and Mrs Tham a blissful life, forever happiness, and can cuddle a child soon!

Went to IMM with Dennis, Raymond, Rafi, his wife and their youngest kid. And he's real cute!

He likes having friends around to play with him, and he will cry when his friends leave. That's what happen, after i dropped Raymond and Dennis off, he kept quiet, and upon reaching Rafi's place, i noticed that he has been crying. Comforted him.

As i was about to leave, he suddenly came up to me and gave me not one, but 3 hugs. I was a bit shocked, coz, i really din expecct him to do that. I was worried that he may cry again. Promised him that i will go visit him and Rafi when i got free time.

A real cute lovable kid.

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