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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Started flying

Okie, okie, i know got quite sometime that i had not update my blog... was busy...(really busy lah).

Went down to youth park on monday night, with Joshua, Anthony, Clement and Ace. Aaron and gf join us also. Basically our aim there is to fly kite, me watching the kite. But as the time passes, it change. Clement, Ace and me diverted our attention to the car racers racing around Orchard Road.

Yah. There are really races.

What interest us in watching the races? Its because the police are there. And they are still racing. Woot!!

Saw a TP stopping a WRX STI car, but that car ain't racing.

The 3 of us walk all the way down to Orchard to get a better view, and from where we sat, we could see 2 TP bikes waiting (hidden from view from the road), waiting for the racers to pounce on.

We did not have to wait long.

VROOMMMMMM!!!! A car sped past. Immediately, the bikes spun out and gave chase.

Interesting?? well, the best is in the end.

Back to youth park after watching the racers, we spotted one TP parking behind a illegal parked van, and its a waiting game. Still, we did not have to wait long. We can hear the racers coming, and the TP started putting on his helmet and start his motorbike engine, and started giving signals.

The cars are in the red light. Reving away.

Light turns green. Vroom!!!! the group of cars started racing, cutting lanes, and behind them, are the 2 TPs.


I started flying. No, not the real flying. I ain't got a kite yet.

I started flying on a simulator. Using a simulator RC transmitter, connected to my notebook.

Yeah... Its best to start flying on a simulator before flying the real thing. Even for a kite. Now, i knew how to take off, landings, do turns and loops, including inverted flying with the aircraft picture above.

Aircraft in flight. This model is a goddamm easy model to fly, and all beginners have to begin with this, and with camera chasing mode. I can fly (simulation) with fixed camera mode.

This is taken moments before the aircraft crash.. purposely. This aircraft is a damm powerful one, and a damm sensitive one. You can do stunts with it. I still have not really mastered flying this plane with a fixed camera mode. Guess what aircraft is this?

Its the A-6 aircraft. Powered by jet engines. Your fingers must be fast to counter this aircraft. Its super sensitive. First time i flew this plane using simulator, it crash in less than 1o seconds.

Flying RC is not as simple as it seems. Try the simulator than you will know.

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