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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Reckless driving

Just got another confirmation that cabs are still the most reckless drivers on Singapore Roads.

Saw a cab this morning that was appreantly in a rush. And you know the status of the morning hours. Even at 10 plus am, its still quite heavy.

And so, what did the cab do?

It started to veer onto the Road shoulder, trying to overtake a lorry on the left-most lane of a 4 land highway. 3/4 of the cab was on the road shoulder. And it remained there for almost an kilometer. And it was tailgating that lorry also.

Yep. So, what if there's a breakdown vehicle on the road shoulder? The cab driver will not see in time, his view being obsured by the lorry in front. And what happens if that really happens? RTA.

And what happens if that unfortunate broke happens to be changing tyre on the right side of the vehicle? especially the rear tyre? That's it... A P0 case, while the cab driver only goes to jail for reckless driving.

And at a traffic-light, the same cab did this.

The lights are not in our favour yet.

Technically speaking, correct me if i am wrong, if my memory did not fail me, that cab has beat the red light. His rear wheels has crossed over the first white line at the traffic light junction. If there's a red light camera that is activated, that's it. Beat red light.

But one thing that i must write is that not all cab drivers are like the one above. Some of them are very polite and will wave their thanks to you when you give way to them.

So, the moral of this post is not to let the reckless cab drivers know about such thing, but to let other drivers and motorist, and those to-be, to be aware of such tactics that the cabs can use and be more cautious when there's appear to have a reckless cab around you.

And yes, i know i will get into some trouble, but i am sure my buddies will back me up on this.

Also beware of the second most dangerous drivers.... Lady drivers!!! (not all though).

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