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Friday, October 27, 2006

Drunk man

Was watching Joshua and Ace flying kite yesterday night when ZX called.

"Simon, come to my gf's house downstairs now. An uncle had a fall, and he is lying down."

"Is he in pain? Any visible injuries? Call for ambulance" i advised.

So, off i went. (its neearby only).

On my way, i called him back. Seems like that fellow is drunk and his wife would not let him into the house, he's sleeping there, no injuries. ZX informed me.

"NB, a drunk case." i exclaimed, but since i was on the way, a few minutes away, i decided to pop by over to be a KPO.

Saw the man lying on the ground, at a downward slope once i reach. My first impression is that the man, an indian, is injured. Even drunks, (he is not that drunk) will find a much better place to sleep on. That area is just so wrong for a fellow to lie down. ZX informed me that they had called the police but not the "white car".

Asked him a couple of questions, and he complained that his back is in pain. He informed me that he had a fall, and could not get up. Asked ZX to call an ambulance immediately.

Did somemore checks and apply a collar to him. (just in case). And that's when the police and the ambulance came. Assist the SCDF ppl, and off they go. That man insist that he don't want to go hospital and he will jump if the SCDF send him there.

Well, from the police, seems like he's an old case. The policemen know him, from his numerous calls to the police, he and his wife are always quarrelling, fighting....

I rest the case.

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