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Sunday, October 15, 2006

A blurred and senseless post.

Not much inspiration to blog lately.

Maybe, i was "switched off" to daily events, not noticing them, not knowing their significant meanings, so, in other words, i was living like a zombie for the past few days.

Nothing much happened... Michelle's ROM was yesterday. Congrads to her ROM!!! Became a wife liao. Status changed.

A war had started within one of my organisation. Will not reveal what happened, till i wait for the results. Decided to keep my silence on the matter. No need me to say anything. All those who knows what i am talking about will know the whole thing, and i hope that someone will have to pay for it. It has been overdued for a long long time.

Oh yah, i think i saw a old poly classmate of mine today. She seems like finding me familiar, and of course, i find her familiar too. But in the end, we kinda just ignore each other and enjoyed our supper respectively.


The problem persist, with no signs of improving. So what if the Indonesian goverment has apologised? Are they really making an effort to enforce the law? I see no improvement.

It's maybe of the haze that i am feeling so "un-inspiration" to write anything. Everything has passed by in the smoke of the haze. My reaction this morning when i woke up and looked out of the window was "@#&$^@#*!!!! Cannot see Bukit Timah Hill again!!!"

So much so that i suddenly thought of a poem. (Don't laugh, I ain't a English Lit student last time)

The arrival of the haze,
Has left us in a daze.
Off to a doctor we see,
Just to get a MC.

Let us pray for some rain,
To ease us from this pain,
Coz there's nothing to be gained,
If we just sit there and complain.

I know its kinda lame,
to think of all these "games".
But we can sleep better at night,
when we can do things right.

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