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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Flying a kite

Yeppie!!! Finally flew a kite today!

Flew Anthony's kite, and guess what????

It crashed and the kite's frontbar broke. sob... sob...

Good thing about kite flying, when it crash, most prob is that the frontbar breaks and its very cheap to replace one on the spot if you have spares, rather than crashing a RC plane and change the whole plane body.

My mistake was to allow the kite to fly a bit far, before turning back, and at the distance, i could not see the kite's bearing, its yaw, and i rather make a glided crash landing rather than breaking another frontbar.

But i could free a sense of freedom flying it, even though it needs great concentration for a first-time flyer like me. Need to adjust the speed controller, the height, and the rate of turning. The kite was flying at a low height, and at that height, slight changes in the speed, the ailerons, and i can gurantee a change in the height, and if you are not fast enough, its a crash.

But i still like kite flying.

When can i come out with my own personnal kite? sob... sob...

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