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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Singapore tops again

Study rates Singapore fastest moving city in the world,
Thursday May 3, 10:17 AM

Singaporeans, the fastest walking speed in the world? Wow... That surprises me siah...

Singapreans uses an average of 10.55 seconds to walk 18 meters, that boils down to a speed of 6.14 km/h!!! That's fast, given the SAF's route march speed of 4km/h.

And these prove one thing. Singaporeans are "kiasu", (scared to lose), that's why they walk faster, and faster and faster, and to get ahead of each other! Also, it proved that Singaporeans are also very competitive by nature. They will not be happy when they are losing in walking to other ppl, so that's they try to out pace each other... Hell, they even do it on the roads!!

From early 90s, Singaporeans have walked 30% faster, while the other countries only have an increase of 10%... So, in another 15 years time, (assuming that the speed increase is constant), Singaporeans will walk at a speed if 8km/h.

I certainly do have a problem keeping up at that speed.

But then, one thing eludes me. If Singaporeans walk the fastest, and they want to move fast, travel fast, how come i don't see any Singaporeans winning the gold medal in track and field? Not even a gold medal at SEA Games, not to mention breaking the world record.


Suggestions to the British Council to conduct another study so that Singapore can be ranked first in the world again.

Longest time in queueing up.

Singaporeans are very adapted to queueing up, be it queueing up for HDB flats NDP tickets (in the past), favourite food and even Hello Kitty toys!!

We are sure to tops the patience in queueing up. But just don't do a survey at the bus stops, coz Singaporeans just don't queue up to board the bus or the train.

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