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Thursday, May 10, 2007

1st year birthday!!!

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you...
Happy birthday to my blog,
Happy birthday to you!!!

It's my blog's 1 year old birthday today!!

I had set up my blog on 10th May 2006. It started when i was going to KTV with some of the neighbourhood friends. Encountered some RTAs and some funny incidents, which prompt me to start up a blog to share all those with my readers.

Since then, the blog has become (in a way) a method to "vent" out my feelings, my frustrations, my thoughts, funny incidents which i had encountered etc etc... But, i still will not post my most inner feelings, secrets onto this blog.

In this year, i had posted a total of 337 post, had 3924 visitors since i started the counter (I forgot when i started the counter thingy) and since 7th March 2006 to 4th May 2006, i got a total of 1448 visitors coming in from US, South America, Europe, Africa, India, China, East / West Malaysia and Australia. Thank you for supporting, dear readers.

One of my post was quoted in the Asia observer website, about my views on the minister pay hike. I was like "Wow... first time siah... but then hor, will the ISD come to my house or not leh"... I am kinda honoured.

Sometimes, i really hate TPs (Traffic Police)... They always appear when you are doing something wrong. It seems that they have kinda superpower that will instantly appear when you go into the wrong side of the rules...

And the worst thing is that when you see fellow drivers driving recklessly, dangerously, cutting across double white lines, signalling wrongly, and you wish for TP to appear, they will never turn up...

Nope. I was not pulled over for flouting the traffic rules... In a way, i was flouting it, but i don't know if my vehicle licence plate had became a reference number for that TP for 4D inspiration. (Copied down). I was overtaking some really slow moving traffic (i wonder if TP got pull over any vehicles for travelling below the speed limit for highways? Some travelled really slow) into lane 1.

Then i saw the TP. I am sure that the TPs must be trained by SAF Sniper School for camouflage lessons. Despite their white uniform, then can blend in perfectly to the road. They hide at around bends that you could not see them, and by the time you do, you are too late... Gotcha!! They can appear out of no where and suddenly, they are beside you, zooming away...

So, i hope nothing will happen. I did not see the TP taking down numbers, till i passed him.

Cross my fingers....

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