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Saturday, May 05, 2007



Finally, after a long long long long absence , i made my way back to Boat Quay... to chiong (not duties... really chiong) (the last time i went to BQ was when JB opened his KTV pub, and i went down on the opening day)

It's EC birthday... (Yesterday). Met up with him for "supper" and afterwards, its cab time to BQ. First time tried Chivas plus plenty of green tea. What can i say about this chiong outing? Nothing interesting... Went to a KTV pub, have a whale of time drinking lots green tea and a little bit of Chivas... Am a bit high now...

The last time i was high was when i was in Australia for Ex Wallaby (SAF Training) as an aggressor in 2001. The whole platoon drowned 12 liters of wine!!! Its the same feeling i am having now... But then hor, since i still can update my blog now shows something.

In a way, i had never really tried liquor. And this session is a "test" for me to see how much liquor can i take. Its a test to see my limits. And i know my own limits.

But my stand on chionging is still the same.. Not worth it. And the fact that i drive always provide me an excuse not to drink. (EC was determined to make me drink today by asking my to park my van at HQ and take a cab to BQ)... Bo bian.... my SJAB buddy request leh...

Hmmm... why am i updating my blog when i should be sleeping now?? So, good night folks!!!

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