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Friday, May 18, 2007

Another elitist comment

I was not aware of such things that had happened these few days.

Student from top school allegedly punches bus driver
By Hedy Khoo
May 14, 2007

On the 16th May, Mr Andrew Chin had wrote in his views on this bus driver Bashing.

Give him second chance
Students from top schools face tremendous pressure

What Mr Andrew Chin did can set off an intense debate. And true enough, on the 17th May (AF bought a copy of the TNP), 2 readers had commented on the comments by Mr Andrew Chin.

Actually, i know nothing of the following news till i read the 2 comments on the 17th May.

This post is to give me a chance to voice out my thoughts.

I agreed that that boy needs to be given a second chance, but not because that he is from a top school, but because of his age. In fact, all ppl should be given a second chance, as i have been a supporter of the yellow ribbon project. Besides, who had never erred before?

What i disagree with Mr Chin is that he tries to "defend" the people from top schools, citing that they face tremendous pressure to do well, struggles to fit in, to be on your best behavious and be a role model.

Please, don't be a elitist. Just because you been through top schools during your secondary school and JC years, and you feel you face more pressures than students in neighbourhood schools.

Actually, after reading the news, to be frank, its nothing worth mentioning about. The 17 year old boy is going through that the rest of us had went throught, the rebellious age, which "anything-that-i-do-is-correct" ego is important to a boy. Morever, he's doing it for his gf's sake, or for his face's sake. And indeed, he's still a boy. But after what i had read from Mr Chin's comments, i feel i should let myself be heard too.

Students in neighbourhood school does faces pressures too. And let's not forget, there are students in neighbourhood school that does want to score well for their exams, facing pressure from their family, society, peers and relatives. There are students in neighbourhood schools who struggles to fit into the school enviroment, be it in the UG, sports, cultural organisations, besides studies.

Its very pressuring when your parents compares you often with your cousin who is studying in a top school in terms of results, telling all your relatives how hopeless you are, how its impossible for you to beat your so call "top schooled cousin", and how forever lagging you will be.

Firstly, the boy should have known that assualting falls under the criminal law. Even young kids at kindergarten knows fighting is wrong, and he, in his school uniform, from a top school punched a bus captain for doing his job. So, what's up with the pressure to be on your best behaviour and be a role model?

And that boy should be throughly ashamed of himself for having his father to keel down and beg for forgiveness for something that his son did. The son should be the one to kneel down and beg for forgiveness himself. One should answer for one's action, and not let their loved ones take the rap.

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