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Saturday, May 12, 2007

First time at new Supreme Court

I was summoned to Supreme Court yesterday.

And honestly, what's your reaction to me being summoned to Supreme Court? I got charged?? For what crime?

Nope. I was summoned by the SJAB HQ (actually, i volunteered) to report to Supreme Court to assist in a CPR course as an instructor.

Its my first time entering the new Supreme Court. I had went to the old Supreme Court, Subordinate Court, the old Colombo Court(to make new plastic ICs), and even the courts at Bukit Timah (they got a sale going on.)

Tight security. Frankly speaking, from the times, i went in and out of Supreme Court, i don't know how radioactive my belongings are. Each time i enter, my belongings will be x-rayed and i have to step through a metal detector. I prob. don't need any flashlights anymore, as i and my belongings will GLOW in the dark after yesterday.

Sad to say, everytime i stepped through the metal detector, it beeped. I asked the cisco guard how come everytime i went through the metal detector, it beeped, when the others did not.

He simply replied. "Might be due to your metal belt buckle".

Bullshit. Seeing the others being scanned, especially the lawyers. They are "armed" with a metal belt bucklt, metal watches, metal rings, tie clips, the alarm just failed to go off.

Hmmm... Maybe, i have too much iron in my blood, and that trigger the alarm. Hmmm... possible?

Or the damm machine just dun like me?

CPR with the staff of supreme court was kinda fun. Its a small group. They spoke with the "lawyers" jagon, that only those who had faced the warth of justic before understands.

I got no desire to understand it.

Anyway, i should not be saying too much here, as whatever i say will be used against me as an evidence in a court of law.

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