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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Cause of death of fish in Serangoon River undetermined

Cause of death of fish in Serangoon River undetermined

Tuesday May 29, 6:17 PM

About a week ago (i cannot remember when is the date of the news), i read about a news report saying that there are lots of fishes found dead, floating at the Serangoon River.

Came as quite a shock to me, as rivers in Singapore are supposed to be quite clean.

NEA and PUB started investigations. Public are advised not to fish, and consume the dead fish. First, they reported that the water is not toxic, and they are now examining why the fish die.

This is interesting.

How do they examine how fish die? I mean, how are they going to do about investigating how the fishes die?

I mean, will they cut up the dead fishes and do a post-mortem or autopsy on the dead fishes? Just like the forensic experts did on criminal cases on murdered humans?

And if NEA and PUB is doing the investigations, i am not at all surprise that the cause of death of fish in Senrangoon River is undetermined.

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