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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Getting famous

One thing i'll never understand...

When a gal gets famous, rumors will start to flow... Bad malicious rumors, that can get worse as each day passes by...

Good example is this blog. ""

Okie, i admit that i do not know her, but i find her blog kinda interesting, be it she's crapping or talking about some serious stuff. Can say that she's kinda attain fame in blogging.

And recently, she went for Miss Malaysia pagent. A beauty contest.

And now, just take a look at her tag board.

And these kinda problems are often found more apparent in the female gender. Kinda funny leh.
You wanna say something or make a point, prove it. Under the law, one is innocent till proven guilty.

Simply, are those ppl just plain jealous of her or what? If that's the case, i only got 2 works for those who wanna be famous. "Work hard", and maybe 2 more words, "good luck".

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