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Saturday, May 19, 2007

MRT to Malaysia

Malaysia happy to connect to S'pore via MRT: Syed Hamid

Saturday May 19, 4:17 PM

Next time, we can take a MRT to Johor Bahru! Hopefully, the station ends at city square!! And once we stepped out, we can go straight shopping! (Wishful thinking).

But what about custom clearance? That means we have to alight with our belongings, scanned our passports reboard the train at Woodlands Custom, go to Malaysia Customs, alight, stamped our passports, scanned our items, and off we go... a bit of a hassle.. but then, i guess, its going to be a lot better than taking a bus there.

We are afterall, entering another country.

So, imagine the PA system for the train that is bound to JB will be as follows.

"Ding Dong... Marsiling station. Next stop will be at the causeway custom. Passengers without passports please haul your asses away from this train now, before the custom officers haul up your asses for trying to leave Singapore illegally."

But then, what about the passengers who had fallen asleep on the train? It is possible, given the magical powers of old people, disabled people, pregnent ladies and people carrying their infants, on the sleepliness of communters who are seated.

Will their asses be hauled up for trying to leave Singapore illegally?

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