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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Morning jams

There's a trend in my daily travelling to work. Been noticing it for a long time, and decided to post it in my blog.

Almost every weekday morning, when i am working normal office hours, i will encounter a jam. "what lah, only a jam".. you may be thinking to yourself...

But this jam is not a normal jam. It occurs in different place. Before i explain, let me tell you my daily route to office. (Errr.... nope no one is going to lay an ambush for me hor)...

BKE (southwards) to PIE towards Jurong, exit Clementi Ave 6, go all the way to AYE (towards Changi) and exit North Buona Vista.

So, if i leave the house at 0730, i will face the jam at PIE (towards jurong) and reach the office around 0815. If i leave my house at 0800, i will have to face the jam at BKE, and i reach the office around 0840. If i leave the house at 0830, i will face the jam at Clementi Ave 6 and half the AYE, reaching office at 0900.

Funny thing is that i always encounter a jam. Not 2 or 3 jams at different parts of the journey. When its jams at BKE, PIE and AYE will be free, when it jams at PIE, AYE and BKE will have no jam, so on and so forth... Its very, very, very, seldom that i went to work on a weekday morning (no upcoming public holidays), without any jam. Be it minor or major.

Today is different in a way. The BKE is smooth flowing. PIE is not packed. AYE got not much heavy vehicles, and no heavy traffic.

BUT THEN..... There's an RTA at the road to AYE from PIE at Clementi Ave 6 Exit. And there's a jam there. (no injuries).

Damm... Issit i got no fate to go to work on a weekday morning without any jams?

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