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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sing to the Dawn

Animated film "Sing to the Dawn" slated for 2008 release (CNA Wednesday May 9, 8:17 AM).

Got the information from this website. (

Bring back memories also. This is one of our literature texts during my secondary school days. (Sec 2). Funny thing is that i already got an copy of that book at home, and i was not aware of it.

So, i bought another copy of that book from the bookshop. (I still got the 2 copies today). And having 2 copies bring benefits. Then i always keep a copy under my desk, (never bring home), and i never have to tell the teacher that i had forgetten to bring that text to class. I do bring the other copy to class also, and my classmates know whom to find when they had forgotten to bring their copies.

It's a touching story about how a village girl fights for her rights to go to the city to further her studies against her brother, with the aim to improve the living standards of her village. How the parents react, and how the grandmother supported her. It's also a story about sibling love and rivalary.

Village folks always believe that girls should stay at home and make babies, and let the men do all the studying and providing for the household. But the fact is, in this modern world, time's had changed. In Singapore, both the male and the female have to come out and work to meet the living standards, to afford a decent, if not, comfortable life to the family.

And in our lit class, we had a project with regards to this story. We did a voice recording of the story, with music background, character playing for it. If i am not wrong, we did receive quite high marks for our effort.

It's a book that i never forget, it last a deep impression on me.

And now they are coming out with a animated film. Anyone interested?

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