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Monday, May 21, 2007

28 weeks later

Went for a movie on Sat night. "28 weeks later".

Its a sequel to the movie "28 days later". The story is about how there's a outbreak of a new deadly virus, and once contacted, ppl will be "outraged" and show the super violent side. The whole England is quarantined.

Now, 28 weeks later, people are starting to come back to England. But on England, there's a carrier. And the infection comes back.

There's one scene which is affects me. When the outbreak goes out of control, (infection of the virus is instant), the general orders a code red. Free-for-all. Kills everyone, be it infected or not. Burn the whole street, poison the air to kill all survivors.

All happened because of a stupid idiot and his 2 kids.

It may seems a harsh decision, but that's the only option left. Its a hard call.

That incident reminds me of the SARS incident. Luckily, it's contained before it spreads to more people. But the threat is still there... World pandemic is still possible. Bird flu H5N1 is still not fully contained.

And when it outbreaks, harsh infection control measures will be set up... And hopefully, everyone follows those measures.

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