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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

GST credits

Just realised one thing.

Today is the 15th May. Halfway into May. It's also an important date this year.

Today is the starting date for citizens of Singapore to sign up for free money, which the goverment terms it "GST Credit".

The GST (Goods and Services Tax) is set to increse in July and the goverment is giving the citizens money to "offset" the increase in GST.

And here i am, trying to log into HSA (Health Sciences Authority) using Singpass (SIngapore Password, which one can use it to go into almost any goverment website, including IRAS, CPF, etc etc...)

And i cannot even go into the goddamm Singpass log on page. Is it of all the citizens desperate for money logging in to sign-up? And this results in my work to be done online thr HSA which i need to log on!!! Goddamm it... Damm despo for money, all those ppl, till affecting my work.

Tonight, i am going to the nearby ATMs to see how long the queue is.

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