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Friday, October 05, 2007

Who cares...

Almost got knocked down by a car today.

I was at this zebra crossing at a road junction today, when i saw a red honda civic stopping behind another car, at the zebra crossing. So i started to cross at the crossing.

And the damm car started moving, accelerate fast, as that driver wanted to move out into a busy road with me mere inches away from his car. He roared off into the busy street.

Luckily, i had stopped crossing the instant he accelerate, if i had continue crossing, you readers out there will lost out of a entertainment source from my blog, spend money on visiting me in hospital or as "white money" visiting me at my wake or funeral.

Mere inches from his car!!! It's a wonder his tyres did not run over my feet.

And to my surprise, in the aftermath, as i think back about the situation, it did not feel panic, i did not feel angry, and i certainly did not feel the adrenaline rush after being narrowly missed from being hit.

"What if i got hit? What if i am injuried, perhaps seriously, that needs to be sent to the hospital? What if i died?" I wondered, seconds from after that incident.

And to my shocking surprised, i realised that i did not care about what will happen to me if that car really kisses me...


Injuried loh... who cares... Anyway, that person is going to pay for all my medical fees. Can have a super long break from everything else some more.


Die loh... who cares... Anyway, we are all waiting to die. When your time is up, your time's up. Checkmate, adios, bye bye, ciao, the end, game over. Period.

No matter how much you wanna siam from death, he can always find you. No use running away.
I seriously don't know when that (dying) will happen to me, will i leave with regrets, but at that point of time, given my thoughts, actions after being narrowly become another statistic in the Traffic Police RTA list, i think regretting will be be the last thing on my mind.

Whatever is happening to me??

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