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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Short talk:

Someone read my post on The day i sign the paper and think that i am getting married... When i say no, that someone thinks that i got a pet, and when i deny that, that someone thinks i got a god daughter.... OMG!!!

Yesterday night was supposingly the last night that i got to "spend" with her...

But as a results of my negotiation, i gotta another day extension. Need to give her up tomorrow, cannot extend anymore.

Feeling a bit sad at the painful seperation. She had served me well for 2 years, although she does throw her tantrums sometimes, the worst tantrums on 3 occasions, where she totally quit on me... I really could not get her moving.

But she has to go. She's aging, and showing signs of wear and tear, and requires me to spend more to feed her, to maintain her. No matter how painful the seperation may be, she has to go.

And right now, she knows that. I had been emptying her for the past few days, and she's throwing a tantrum right now. The rattling sound has came back. Hopefully she does not quit on me on our last night together tonight.

Feeling rather sad.

But then, hopefully my new love will come soon. All papers had been signed and submitted.

After the painful separations, there will be a wait to a joyous reunion.

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