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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sick once again and again...

Am sick again...

I've got an airway obstruction in the nose (blocked / runny nose), sudden air explusion from the lungs (sneezes), forced air explusion from the lungs (Coughs). My brain is trying to tell me that he wants to shut down, my processor is running at around 25% (headache)

Oh my!! i need to be in a good form for tomorrow!!! Tomorrow is the day my good buddy (of 12 years) big day. A day where he finally "see no wide". (Kan bu kai). A day where he closes a chapter of his life of bachelorhood to enter a life of having someone to share your room, your bed, your toilet etc etc.....

Yep... His ROM tomorrow. A day of no return.... A day where he can only look back with fond memories of being free, and envy people like me, who is still living without a care for the world (and vice versa), able to stay out till wee hours in the morning, no reporting to do, no visas to apply for.

A life where when the sky falls, i would use it as a blanket to cover myself.

And i am one of the "kaypos" there to capture his most "foolish" move moments. The vowing, the signing, the ring exchange and the kissing. Hopefully my little trustworthy, entertainment source for my blog camera does not fail me tomorrow.

If possible, anyone got SLR camera can lent me for a day?

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