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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Short talk:

My first vehicle licence number : GV 2667 P
My second vehicle licence number : GV 7996 G

What will be my third number?

We had parted. A painful goodbye, never to see each other again...

Feeling sad.

As the saying goes, we are bound to seperate sooner or later..

Bye, my dear van... Bye... Be good to whoever your new owner. Don't throw tantrums, and behave yourself.

In Loving memory of

I gonna miss the Ultraman sticker above the left headlight

And now, i am back to taking public transport. That means, try not to jio me out if you can, coz i am taking this chance to save up. That means, i am going to be a good kid. Morning go out work, and after work, go home and stare at either the telly or the wall.

There's 3 hurdles to overcome before i gets the joyous reunion. First 2 hurdles crossed. And now, am waiting for the COE bidding next week, and when that final hurdle is crossed, then i shall sit back, relax and wait for that time to come.

Wish me luck, fellows!!

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